Playboy 2003 + 2002

Playboy 2003

Playboy 2003 was our incredibly successful freeware game, released in the Czech Republic for Windows PCs.

Yet before the game was released it had been attracting attention on the Czech gaming scene. It was mainly because of its predecessor – Playboy 2002, which was very successful and reached tens of thousands of downloads. Playboy 2003 smashed it in a way that two months after its release no one ever remembered 2002.

Within a week it became the top downloaded game on Czech servers and even now, more than seven years after its official release, it still stands in the Top 10 downloaded games of all time with more then 300 000 downloads (in a country of ten million people) and became legendary.

It was also published on the CDs of all major gaming magazines in the Czech Republic.

The game offers a basic life simulation and the main goal is to date girls. It is also enriched with slightly erotic photos and texts, plenty of embedded mini games and videos. In its full version, it was distributed with a professional soundtrack made by a leading Czech electronica band called T.Sonic, which all together made playing the game a unique gaming experience.

Download Playboy 2003 in Czech for free hereĀ 



Playboy 2002

Playboy 2002 started it all. It was a one-man show and the first publicly released game by Nitromsoft Entertainment.

It was released as a freeware game for Windows PCs in the Czech Republic and the response, both from critics and players, was very positive and the game reached tens of thousands of downloads.

Its success naturally resulted in a sequel that introduced a more sophisticated gaming model, better graphics and came up with a professional soundtrack.

However, Playboy 2002 will always evoke sentimental memories of its simple and naive gameplay and remind us of the good old times on the freeware scene.

All hail to Playboy 2002!

Download Playboy 2002 in Czech for free here