Monopoly Monster

Because we feel that the freedom of the Internet is threatened by huge lobby of recording industries, pharmaceutical concerns and supercorporations, we have decided to create a simple thematic game for PC and MAC platforms that will present the main points of these agreements and their risks in an attractive and entertaining way.

Player plays for V (Anonymous) who’s fighting huge Monopoly Monster with tentacles. Monopoly Monster is trying to reach Government and Media using its tentacles in order to influence them to act to its liking. V runs around and cuts the tentacles in order to stop it. The point is that tentacles keep growing and no matter how player tries, it doesn’t lead to success. The only way to beat Monopoly Monster is to get behind him where it becomes clear that it’s sort of Frankenstein figure animated and kept alive by recording companies, pharmaceutical concerns and super corporations.

The game is developed for PC, Mac and Linux platforms and will be distributed for free.

You can support its development on the web of our partner IndieGoGo or by sharing. Thank you.