Soulfield is part of our life-changing line and its slogan reads: “Change your life from the ground up- in a minute” and we stand by it! Soulfield helps you to incorporate a whole new attitude into your life using reminders, one minute sessions and Introspector – our built-in journal for introspection.

How does it work

Everyone must have failed sometimes trying to bring about some change into their life. Most people think it was due to a lack of strong will but we know it was because of memory. And it was not your memory being bad or weak, it’s just the way memory (and the mind) generally works. It needs constant reminding to build a new “trail” to follow. It works easily when you’re highly motivated but when you’re not, it’s a very tough task. Bearing this in mind we designed Soulfield.

You start by choosing a soulfield seed that represents a new psychological attitude which affects basically everything you do in your daily life. Each soulfield seed has its own sessions that usually take no more than one minute to complete. Then you choose the time interval when you are usually active and during which you wish to be reminded by the application to practice your new approach. The application reminds you on a random basis, which prevents it becoming an empty and automated ritual. Furthermore, the application even motivates you to initiate practices on your own. When you come to practice, the application starts a countdown and reminds you when your session is over.

Soulfield seeds:
Presence, Courage, Progress, Honesty, Freedom, Chaos, Self-confidence, Silence

With Soulfield you get:

- The most efficient way to change your life from the ground up

- A tool to overcome biological limitations of the human mind, especially the memory

- Practically oriented sessions

- An introspective tool that helps you to know yourself

- A simple and intuitive user interface which you get used to right away