Neuro Sudoku

Experience entertaining brain tuning with Neuro Sudoku! Neuro Sudoku is part of our life-changing line and is not meant to be another sudoku game but rather a brain tuning tool using sudoku gameplay, isochronic tones and binaural beats to stimulate your attention and prolong a state of higher concentration.

How does it work

In the standard version, which is free of charge, there are three modes of play. Super-quick, Quick and Original. They differ in the length of gameplay. The important feature here is the so-called Attractor, which is a mechanism that tests the level of your attention and, when needed, tries to attract it back to the game.

In the premium version there are four extra modes. Two modes that uses Isochronic tones or Binaural beats in order to further stimulate your brain activity and focus; a duel mode where you can challenge another person, and a statistics module that gathers various data from the game and displays your progress.

Standard version:
Super-quick mode, Quick mode, Original mode, Attractor 

Premium version:
Power mód, Chill-out mód, Duel mód, Statistiky