Open the door of a supreme virtual reality of total immersion and unlimited possibilities – your own mind – with Imaginatron. Lucid dreams allow your deepest fantasies to come true in a world that appears as real as you can possibly imagine.

Lucid dreams are dreams during which you gain consciousness while staying within the dream. This allows you to take total control of your dream where everything your mind imagines is immediately realized. The ability to awake during a dream can be trained and, to make this process as easy and as fast as possible, we designed Imaginatron.

How does it work

The key technique upon which Imaginatron focuses is connecting events in the real life that often occurs also within a dream with triggers that lead to self-awareness in order to build an automated reflex for your dreaming mind. On top of that, Imaginatron has a built-in Night Mode, which is a precisely designed audio signal tool that acts both as a universal event and a trigger, leading to self-awareness practically “on demand”.

With Imaginatron you get:

- A highly effective tool that helps you experience lucid dreams more often

- The Night Mode tool, which helps you to build up a universal, on-demand self-awareness reflex

- A simple and intuitive user interface which you get familiar with right away