Give your life a BOOST! with iProgress. iProgress is part of our life-changing line and is primarily designed to help you incorporate new activities into your life, increase your everyday efficiency and to assist you reaching your goals. One step at a time, day after day, month after month, until you’re done, using randomly generated reminders, precise statistics and Introspector – our built-in journal.

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★★★★ – “The concept is unique, and largely successful in its own goal to create initiative.” – AppAdvice.com

★★★★ – “It’s a simple but effective iPhone app that encourages life developments, and it’s all accomplished via one wicked looking interface on the iPhone.” – TheiPhoneAppReview.com

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✔ [Full Description]

The power of iProgress rests in the recognition of the full potential of working in presence. Whatever you want to achieve, not even the most precise and complex plan can move you any closer to your goal because it is always (and only) a single step forward, a little progress done right now that moves you closer. And that’s exactly what iProgress focuses on. To bring you to the presence and make you do a little progress once at a time, every day, until you reach your goal.

Patiently and persistently like a river creating a new canyon in a rock you will work with iProgress, only without requiring you being naturally patient and persistent.

With iProgress you get:

- The most efficient way to reach your goals based on recognition of the true power of being and working in the present

- A tool to overcome the biological limitations of the human mind, especially the memory

- Feedback showing you how to proceed

- An introspective tool to sum up your thoughts and feelings in order to correctly determine your further progress

- A simple and intuitive user interface you get used to right away