Failed courtship

November 29, 2011 in The New Playboy

Our new Playboy is in development, it’s gonna be a “classic” off-line freeware application. But do you know it could have looked completely different?

There were many concepts of the new Playboy. One of those more ambitious was an on-line social network/dating website combining some of the features of our playboy games, where people would meet in order to form various types of connections :-) .

We decided to abandon this approach mainly for practical reasons. We didn’t have enough of our own resources to build something of such scale plus we didn’t even have the necessary audience to jump start it. Well, we might have had it when 2003 went out and there were tens of thousands of downloads every day but that was all long gone when we started to play with the idea of an on-line Playboy.

Guys from could change this when they contacted us with an offer of co-operation. Even though the first negotiations looked pretty good, the whole thing ended in a disaster, when it became clear that the real expectations that both sides had about the “common” Playboy, were completely different.

The good old off-line Playboy went back on stage.


2 responses to Failed courtship

  1. when do you plan to release it??

    • Release what? You mean the new Playboy? Well it starts to remind Duke Nukem Forever case so easiest would be to say the same thing -> when it’s finished :-p