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Why I sold my iPad

June 19, 2012 in XLAB

I sold my iPad and it’s been some time already. And I need to add that I don’t miss it a bit. I tried really hard to make use of it and I bought apps for hundreds and thousands of dollars in order to turn the iPad into a machine that would be useful for me. And it took me some time to realize that I always had to push myself to work with my iPad. When I bought a new app it always seemed I finally found the purpose for the machine. But I never really did. So I sold it. Read the rest of this entry →

Brave Business Models

May 11, 2012 in Social Entrepreneurship, XLAB

At GFSC 2012 we presented few concepts of our Brave Business Models. In the core of these models is a fair and sustainable way of making money, a social awareness factor and a mechanism to increase competitiveness not only to withstand other market players but to surpass them. Read the rest of this entry →

May 10, 2012 in Social Entrepreneurship, XLAB

It’s a concept of an unique dating website with a bit of social networking and an innovative business model that was developed for a planned co-operation with Czech leading dating website Read the rest of this entry →