Brave Business Models

May 11, 2012 in Social Entrepreneurship, XLAB

At GFSC 2012 we presented few concepts of our Brave Business Models. In the core of these models is a fair and sustainable way of making money, a social awareness factor and a mechanism to increase competitiveness not only to withstand other market players but to surpass them.


One of the main causes of the current financial crisis is the accumulation of money on one side of the economical spectrum. It doesn’t matter if it’s corporations, banks or individuals, the fact is that it’s among very few people compared to the rest of the planet’s population.

Our models introduce mechanisms to keep the money circulating within a local economy rather than leaving it and accumulating in one place. This way the money you spend will in some way return back to you.

The first concept where we proposed such model is a social network combined with a dating website called that was developed for co-operation with Czech leading dating website (

Read more about this concept here.



RingLink is a concept that incorporates the best of our social networking business models. Its building blocks are so called rings which are two sided consumer-entrepreneur local networks made in order to create beneficial partnerships.

The core idea is to promote local businesses, increase the share of local money in local economies and keep them circulating there as long as possible. This vision is at the center of all our business models because we believe that if social entrepreneurship is meant to succeed, it has to operate yet on the lowest levels of economy.



Trade Camp

Trade Camp is another ambitious concept that is designed to achieve the same goals as RingLink only with a different approach.

Trade Camp’s main idea is to create a unique trading platform where even small businesses could trade their stocks in a simple and convenient way.


What we aim to achieve is to bring now frozen investment money into small businesses by creating a profit generating market that would attract small to medium sized investors. This extra income would allow small businesses to expand and on a larger scale help to generate profit for initial investors.



Nitromsoft designs and develops similar business models as a part of its social entrepreneurship commitment. If you are interested in these topics, do not hesitate to contact us.

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