May 10, 2012 in Social Entrepreneurship, XLAB

It’s a concept of an unique dating website with a bit of social networking and an innovative business model that was developed for a planned co-operation with Czech leading dating website was supposed to bring some of the key elements of our Playboy game series into an on-line environment and into real relationships among mutually interactive users.

A whole new  feature was a personal and guild ranking system both on a local and a global level, the network was supposed to introduce its own currency and offer possibilities to earn them with an on-line activities (and buy real products and services for them), plus the main page should behave like a special social dashboard that would allow users to manage their accounts from various social networks from within a one single user interface.

This all would then be connected in the backstage with’s network using our special system called Playboy Engine, that would allow users to seamlessly migrate and interact between these two networks, plus it would make possible to plug-in any other web or social network in the future.

The business model was designed to allow and further support circulation of money and services within the network, if possible then also on a local level. The network would  provide users with good quality products and services for discounted prices, liquidity for producers and service providers, financing of networks administration and development, and on a larger scale also a positive stimulus for local economy.

Nitromsoft designs and develops similar business  models as a part of its social entrepreneurship commitment. If you are interested in these topics, do not hesitate to contact us.